Elite Bulls is a one of a kind bull market. Through many years of raising cattle in Texas, Elite Bulls has found a way to help breeders large and small. This is a one-stop shop for all your bull breeding needs located in Caldwell, Texas, the heart of Texas Longhorn cattle country. 

Elite Bulls offers: 

  • PASTURE BREEDING - Longhorn bull stud service for natural coverage of your cows and heifers from some of the most elite bulls in the Texas Longhorn industry. 


  • ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION - Artificial Insemination by a certified technician.

  • SIRES FOR HIRE - Leasing a bull just got easier. We do the work of finding the bull you are looking for and negotiate the right deal. Need to lease a bull?  We take care of the hard work in getting the paperwork done to provide a safe environment for you herd sire. 

  • LONGHORN STOCKERS - Buying weaned bull calves to supply 18-30 month old stock to Longhorn Beef providers, Elite Bulls is paving the way to allow Longhorn breeders and Longhorn Beef providers utilize a stable way to keep a constant flow of inventory moving to consumers. Elite Bulls does the job that no one else is willing to do. 

We deliver a one of a kind bull experience. In the near future we will be working to provide an extra service to help every breeder with all of their bull needs. Every herd that is producing calves ends up with bull calves that don't make the cut. Elite Bulls will be buying these bulls to feed the ever growing Longhorn Beef market. Working with ranches around the nation we are putting together 1000's of acres of land to grow weaned bull calves into market ready animals. We don't want to compete with the Longhorn Beef providers, we want to supply the Longhorn Beef providers. By working together we all succeed.

Elite Bulls, your one stop shop for all of your bull needs. Contact us today and let us do the work for you.